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Why this is the best Greek Island for a special celebration

Naoussa, Paros

When hosting 50th birthday celebrations for 40 friends from around the world we looked at many potential places in Greece. We took into consideration a number of key factors and in the end the island of Paros ticked all our boxes.

This is why Paros is the best greek island for a special celebration;
  • Part of the Cyclades islands – home to the white sugar cube architecture that everyone wants to see, especially first time visitors
  • Close proximity to Athens and easy to fly or sail in and out of the country
  • Has its own airport ( and a brand new one as of August 2016)
  • Is large enough, with 3 large towns and numerous other villages, to offer plenty to do but small enough to be able to drive around with having to backtrack vast distances
  • something for everyone – shopping, great restaurants and bars, wineries, golf, water sports, historical buildings and sites, boating, easy day trips to neighbouring islands including Anti-Paros, Naxos and the Small Cyclades
  • Paros is the first port of call for all ferries to the Cyclades. They stop in Paros before going on to all the other islands including Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and Ios. 
  • Accommodation choices are diverse – from backpackers to 5 star luxury with numerous choices and something to suit all budgets
  • Restaurant standards are high and there are many gorgeous venues that can host your celebrations that suit all budgets
  • They say Paros is like Mykonos 20 years ago. It has all the amenities and facilities you need with a good mix of old and new but without the crowds and the price tags of its more famous neighbour
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  1. Very helpful information and very true! Something for everyone!
    Chrys xx

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