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Top 5 Tips for a great girl’s trip away

tips for girls trip

I’ve been on a lot of girl’s trips over the years. Some just for a few days at a local beach through to several weeks in a foreign country. Most have been fantastic and its a great opportunity to spend some quality time with some of your favourite people without having to worry about housework, kids, work or any other real commitments other than having fun.

There have, however, been one or two issues that I’ve learnt a lot from and looking back on everything I think these are the things that are important to get right ;

  1. Pick the right people. If you’re the one organising the trip, think carefully about the personalities in the group, especially if people are going to be sharing rooms. If someone else is organising it is do you know everyone in the group and if not how willing are you to potentially share a room ( or bed) with someone you don’t know ?
  2. Get the money sorted. Before anyone buys a single drink make sure you’ve all agreed on what approach the group will take with money. Some people like to use a Kitty ( ie. pool an agreed amount each day).  I like to keep a note of all expenses over $5 each day and then do a reconciliation and adjustment after each destination or town, depending on the trip ( when waiting for a flight or sitting around a train station perhaps) . Sometimes its easy for everyone to just pay as they go – but make sure you stick with that.
  3. Make sure everything at home is organised. Nothing worse than being away and worrying about who’s doing school pick up or feeding the dog. Or even worse, fielding constant phone calls from people back home. Leave lists, send emails – but make sure it’s all clear before you leave!
  4. Leave romance outside the hotel. If you are single and find  a romantic interest on your break keep any shenanigans offsite. One of the worst weekends I had involved some random guy in our house for the entire time and one of the girls had to sleep on the couch. Not fun, not respectful and actually, kinda risky.
  5. Go with an open mind. Be prepared to try new things and do stuff you might not normally. It will help keep the status quo and you never know, you might just love it!


  1. Erica

    I have been lucky enough to have been on a number of trips with Sandy and quite frankly, can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Helen

    I think a quick pre-bed time chat about wake up times is useful – this way you can avoid the 9am knock on the door to find the other girls’ room pitch dark and everyone still passed out!
    Speaking of passing out, also good to choose friends who have a similar approach to partying… will we stay out at the bar or go home to drink tea?!

    • good point Helen ! I do have some friends that like to rise early and exercise ( and sometimes I join them) and some that seem to be able to survive on little sleep. As long as everyone is respectful of everyones elses likes and rythmns its usual not an issue.
      Yes, I think when choosing a group of girls its important to get ‘like’ people together – the problems usually arise when the group has been put together by someone who hasnt thought this through. Or doesnt care 😉

  3. Kate

    Any recommendations for a local (2hrs either side of Brissy) girls weekend away

    • oh, so many choices Kate ! My favourite is probably Noosa but Byron’s always a winner too. What are you after ? Beach, shopping, markets, bars, or just rest and tranquility …..?

  4. Di Bowman

    Sandra- after a recent “Thelma and Louise ” road trip with a dear friend who I’ve travelled with many times— the thing that comes back to me is- and it might sound cliched, but what happens on the trip, stays on the trip!! Friends that you thought you knew, still surprise you after 35 years. Particularly on girls trips, where you don’t need to think about partners, kids, work and cooking, it’s great to be able to “cut loose” without fear of stories taken out of context getting back home!! Embrace the opportunity, this one was 7 years in the planning, to get 8 girls together in the same city!! Had a ball in Melbourne

    • Wise words Di. I doubt any of us are getting up to anything too ‘Hangover’ish but it is great to have a giggle with your friends and leave a lot of your inhibitions behind !

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