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Top 4 tips when booking accommodation in Bali ( or anywhere warm)


There are soooooo many hotels and villas in Bali choosing something can be quite overwhelming. These are the Top 4 tips I would give people who are trying to navigate the plethora of websites and information.

1.Read reviews carefully. 

I usually start with Tripadvisor to do a price comparison and a quick look at reviews although am more interested in sites like as those reviewers have had confirmed bookings. will also tell you things like the size of the room and the bedding configuration, which can be very important if travelling with friends or teenagers. 

2. Look carefully at the pool

And make sure there is one – mandatory in hot,steamy Bali! If there is not a lot of shade around the pool chances are the water temp will be like tepid bath water. We’ve even checked out of a place once specifically for this reason.

3.Look on a map

Even though many listings will say Seminyak there are a lot that are really in adjacent neighbourhoods and not really walking distance to anything. Taxis are cheap but do you really want to be catching them 6 times a day ?


It is typical in Bali to have breakfast included in a room rate but sometimes you also get things like airport transfers, usage of drivers, massages or beauty treatments and even daily cocktails. This can save not just money but all the hassle of organising these things once you are there.

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  1. Carla

    Thank you Sandy! Very informative. I can hardly wait put your advice to the test, must plan a trip soon. Cheers.

  2. Kate

    Such good tips that many wouldn’t think about. When we stayed at Peppers Seminyak we met a couple who came every day to use the resort pool as the pool area at their own hotel was just too hot and unpleasant. (Peppers knew they weren’t guests but given they ate and drank there, they were happy.)

    • sandra

      Yes that happens a fair bit in Bali. Most places are happy to take day guests so there are plenty of options. I’m such a Pool Nazi !

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