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Things to consider when planning a trip to Morocco

Planning a trip to Morocco can be quite a daunting exercise. It is a unique destination in many respects and there are a number of considerations you need to make that you don’t necessarily have to think about in other places.

  • What time of year is it and what will the weather be like ?

Morocco is separated into 5 zones – the Rif Mountains, the Middle Atlas, High Atlas, Anti-Atlas, and the Sahara deser. The weather can vary dramatically in each. We decided not to do a Desert safari due to the heat ( average 37 degrees), however April – July is a great time for hiking and camping and November through may you can ski. 

  • When is Ramadan ?

We decided we WOULD visit in Ramadan and would do it again. It means tourist numbers and therefore prices, are low, and yet there is little or no impact on visitors otherwise. Alcohol is still available to visitors and served in Riad’s and restaurants. We were warned by locals that some people do struggle towards the end of the day and it is often a smoke that is the first thing many of the men reach for.

  • Internal transport

Internal flights all reroute through Casablanca, and trains are slow and limited. It’s a long country and getting from one end to the other can take up an entire day. You can hire private drivers but they are not particularly cheap nor any faster. Many people use Grande Taxis which are old and non-airconditioned.

  • Flights

There are international airports in Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Tangier, Nador and Agadir with Easyjet also flying in from London(Luton). We flew into Marrakesh from Paris on Easyjet and out of Fez on Ryanair.

  • What are your ‘must see’s’

And what are you willing to compromise on. The lack of internal flights to Fez meant we had to forfeit Essaouira for another time, although we are now keen to incorporate that in a whole other trip exploring the coastline, possible from Portugal and/or Gibraltar. If Chefchaouen is at the top of your list you may need to forfeit southern spots and keep your itinerary based largely in the North.

  • Casablanca

There is little to see or do in Casablanca so don’t waste much time there – one night is ample.


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  1. Kate

    I can also recommend the long haul bus companies to get you from place to place, if travelling on a budget and if you want to travel like the locals. In my experience they were safe and reliable.

    We caught the train from Casablance up to Rabat and had a 6 hour delay; perfect experience however with the buses!

    My research showed there are two recommended companies for safety reasons – we used both and I’d recommend both – CTM and Supratours. Schedules and bus stations differ for the two companies.

    • sandra

      Thats great advice Kate, especially for the more budget conscious ( although the trains are not expensive), and for routes not serviced by trains – of which there are many!

  2. very useful tips!

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