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8 fantastic free apps to use when travelling

There are so many fantastic apps that can help make travelling so much easier. These are the ones that I use pretty much every time I travel and hopefully they can help you too.


XE Currency is a great currency conversion tool that is so quick and easy to use. Never hand over 100,000 rupiah instead of 10,000 again!


Most major airports have some great tools that can help your check in and arrival experience be a whole lot smoother. Many, such as Brisbane Airport app, also allow you to store your personal details to produce quick and easy immigration forms.


If you aren’t streaming your music by now you are missing out on the  convenience of being able to listen to pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want. We have a family account with Spotify which allows up to 6 users to access unlimited music for $11.99 per month.


Want to be able to see every possible flight, route and fare to a destination in seconds? We’ve found Kayak to be the quickest, easiest and most comprehensive flight search engine out there ( although I do sometimes cross reference with Skyscanner and Webjet as well) 


 Do you ever gaze out the window of a plane/train/automobile and wonder what you are seeing ? Flyover Country analyses flight routes or map co-ordinates to show you relevant points of interest without the use of wifi. Also useful for hikes and field trips. 


Say Hi is a really nice translation tool that allows you to converse with the locals without fumbling around with phrase books. It even picks up some of the more obscure dialects in many countries.


Trip it has changed the way we travel more than anything else! Simply forward your booking confirmation emails and it creates your itinerary  which can be accessed from any device, and shared with family and friends. No more printing out copious amounts of paperwork before you travel. It can even notify you of gate changes in airports and I have received several of them well before the airlines bothered telling me!


Sure we all love paper books but if you don’t own a Kindle then free up your valuable luggage space, especially your carry on, with the Kindle app for your phone or iPad. It’s also got some nice backlighting features that your flying companions around you with be grateful for during lights out. 




  1. Stephbris

    I’ve discovered Splittr if traveling with friends. Works like the old fashioned common purse but means everyone can pay with cards and you sort out who owes what to who at the end.

  2. JA

    Will have to check out SayHi. Thanks for that. Pocket Earth is an app I’ve used with great success.

  3. Erica Bolam

    More invaluable information for travellers. What would we do without you!

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