1. The demographic. The fact is the cheaper the cruise the younger the passengers, although demographics can vary drastically on the bigger ships with an inside-quad costing considering less than a Balcony-suite right across the corridor. If the cruise doesn’t have quad rooms, family rooms or even interconnecting rooms then chances are there wont be a lot of children on the ship.
  2. How many days at sea. Personally I could not do more than 2 nights at sea at a time. It’s all fun and all on the ship but cabin fever can set in pretty quickly.
  3. Inclusions. That fare sounds great but many people have been known to match or exceed it again on extras such as alcohol, laundry and internet.
  4. Pre-purchases. Sometimes it pays to pre-purchase things like shore excursions and drinks packages. Sometimes it doesn’t. The bar prices on P&O cruises are actually pretty reasonable – cocktails average aud$11, wine around $30 a bottle. Moet is $89 a bottle. 
  5. Which cabin. Spend the extra money on a balcony – its worth every penny. Look at your ships floor plan carefully. Do you want to be near the lift, the pool, the entry/exit, the bar? What will be above you ? ( will you be listening to kids run around the pool deck above you for hours on end whilst taking an afternoon nap?)