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5 of the best Day Spa’s in Seminyak right now

Seminyak Day Spas
Many woman ( and men) visiting Bali will want to spend at least a few hours at one of the gorgeous Day Spa’s on the island and most of them are found in Seminyak. There are many to choose from ranging from untrained staff to top of the range, world class standard. In my opinion these are 5 of the best Day Spa’s in Seminyak right now. 


I’ve been to Bodyworks many times and it remains one of my favourites. It’s a huge spa with many staff and for some it can seem a little impersonal and overly efficient. I like their no-nonsense approach to bookings and everything seems to work like a well oiled machine. It can get very busy so make sure you book at least the day before if you can.

The spa menu is extensive and they offer all the usual treatments. Massages are very good and are conducted in private rooms. Feet and hand treatments are performed outside on the long verandas or on the rooftop, unless they are combined with hair treatments in which case you will be near the basins.

My favourite combo is a Cream Hair Bath ( hair treatment with a gorgeous head, neck and shoulder massage) which costs AUD$21 OR $27 with a blow dry, done at the same time as a Pedicure AUD$17. You can even get a pedicure at the same time too- 3 or 4 ladies working on you at once. HEAVEN!

Re Day Spa

Re is quite new and is located at the northern end of Seminyak across the road from Sarong. It’s a fairly small but beautifully decorated spa and the staff seem well-trained and professional.

I had a great pedicure there in January(2017) for AUD$14 although I think the lady who did the Cream Hair Bath $27 needs a little more practice ( and a little less vigour!)

Re Day Spa main room


There are two Spring’s in Bali ( another in New Zealand) and the latest one is on the rooftop of Seminyak Village which was opened in October 2015.

It’s a beautiful space with a gorgeous water feature and great views and there are many rooms and different treatments to choose from. There’s a blow dry bar and a DJ and you can do a sunset package which includes lovely cocktails. We popped in without an appointment and paid AUD$11 for our aching feet to be pampered on the spot. Too much shopping!



When visiting Prana you could be forgiven for thinking you were suddenly in Morocco, India or the Middle East. 

Its one of Seminyak’s older and more reputable Spa’s so its not only one of the best Day Spa’s in Seminyak right now, but has been for many years. They also offer accommodation and Yoga classes and it’s very popular with wedding groups and girl’s trips, They can provide cocktails, high-tea or pretty much anything you want I imagine. It’s especially handy for people staying in the Southern part of Seminyak and indeed Legian or Kuta. 

I had a beautiful facial there for around aud$50 which also included a lovely arm and hand massage while the hydrating mask was working its magic. 


Bali Day spa

bali day spa

Cocoon Medical Spa

Let me preface this by saying Cocoon is in Legian not Seminyak and that I have only had a consultation there, not a treatment. However this is the place that many people will go if they are looking for more than the standard beauty treatments and want the confident and reassurance  of the medical staff and doctors.

I enquired about Botox and Fillers ( which I’m too scared to get!) and in comparison to a similar consultation I have had at a Brisbane ‘medical’ spa the prices seem to be about half. I spoke to a number of repeat customers there and they all seemed very happy. Some had laser treatment, one had Botox and another a Vampire facial – apparently something Kim Kardashian gets and it sounds hideous!

They will pick you up from your hotel and you will always have a consultation with a doctor and recieve a quote before any major treatment.

Aesthetic treatments In Bali – Cocoon Medical Spa

Internal walkway-Cocoon


Whilst this list covers some of the best Day Spa’s in Seminyak there are several other great  Spa’s in Bali, especially in Ubud, Canggu and Jimbaran.  Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for spectacular scenery, excellent qualifications and extraordinary treatments that you cant even find at home. 

If you’ve got a favorite I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Can’t believe how affordable these are – they look fantastic. You’re giving me so many reasons to go back to Bali!

  2. Kate

    I loved my Bodyworks pamper – a massage, scrub and soak. But Spring looks glorious! I’ll have to try it next time.

    • sandra

      There’s actually two Spring’s Kate – but this is the newest, and the best, I think

  3. Hilary Dotch

    Great post Sandy although I do have to say I find Bodyworks very impersonal and ‘factory line’ atmosphere ☚ī¸

    • sandra

      Hence why I mentioned that-Its not for everyone. Personally I like their no-nonsense approach 😀

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